Niko Luoma - Equations

Niko Luoma - Equations

Exhibition: 30 April – 27 June 2010
Address: Bergstr. 22, 10115 Berlin – Mitte

Gallery TAIK proudly presents the exhibition Equations by Finnish photographer Niko Luoma.
Selected works from his two series Cronos (2007) and Symmetrium (2009) will be shown. Luoma´s interest is to visualize time with the means of analogue photography. Therefore he "draws" with light - which fits in well with the etymology of the word photography (gr. photos light, graphein to draw).

Some of Niko Luoma´s basic principles can be exemplified by his black and white series Cronos from 2007. These photographs are based on a series of drawings he made as sketches using light as his raw material. "The drawings are about how daylight reflects from everyday objects on my working table at my studio, and how light reflects off from the corners and edges of empty buildings on the shipyard around my studio. While making a drawing I only draw highlights, the areas where the light hits the hardest on the target creating a flare. Through the movement of the sun they are changing. I draw these highlights as lines, one drawing a day from sunrise to sunset. At the end of a day I had an abstract notation of a day's passage. Because I am interested in light and it's movements, from past to present. I decided to reconstruct these drawings and photograph them. Each line is created and photographed by using a studio flash and a large format camera, one line at a time. The sheet of film is exposed multiple times, until all the lines in the drawing appear in the photograph. The fascination for me is the process of how objects and even spaces could be freed from their physical existence, to be just ideas."

In front of a deep black background are set elegant, minimalist and surprisingly spatial nettings of lines created out of gleaming, erupting light.

A graphical, linear principle can also be found in Luoma´s latest series Symmetrium. These photographs are realized upon a stronger mathematical system. Creating visual equations, based on the colors red and green, again he deals with light. What at first sight may appear as computer graphics is in fact created and photographed in the artist´s studio only with analogue technics. With colour filters and the principle of multiple exposure Luoma creates symmetrical compositions within several weeks time. The symmetry is also used with the colours. There are equal numbers of red and green lines that vary in color and length. About the subject Luoma underlines that "it is inspired by nature in flux, everyday events, chaos, and by accident."
- Jenny Rosemarie Mannhardt