In my newest video works, I explore the connections between conscious and unconscious thought – specifically, the complex network of conscious and involuntary functions that make ordinary human activities possible, yet difficult to fully understand, like walking for example.

The starting point for my video An Unusual Step was the wonder of walking. How do we walk without falling? My attempt to answer the question through logical reasoning only ended up in confusion after noticing how little my consciousness can really comprehend my own body's functions.

In An Unusual Step I use walking as a means to express the complexity of the body's functions, which we easily take for granted. In addition, I want to explore the complex relationship between the functions and conscious thinking. If you try to control your body consciously when walking, you may notice that walking becomes difficult and changes from decelerating to slowly falling forward – an extremely slow balancing.

Another theme that I am interested in is the connection between humans’ internal and external worlds. I mainly explore my themes with videos, where sounds play an important role. Often they work together so that the visual represents the outside and the sound represents the humans’ inner world.